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Need some help with a document, website or publication?

Cullinan Communications offers a professional freelance editing and writing service to suit your particular requirements. We are accredited editors and writers, with postgraduate qualifications and high-level experience. Our role is to help you, the client, to present information - sometimes highly technical - in a way that will appear clear and interesting to your targeted reader.

We offer a range of associated skills, from project management and graphic design through to indexing and proofreading.

CULLINAN COMMUNICATIONS can provide whatever 'Plain English' service you may need

. Researching content
. Drafting text . Editing and proofreading
. Preparing publicity material

. for whatever form of presentation suits you .

. Websites
. Annual reports
. Corporate and government documentation
. Scientific reports . Guides and manuals
. Exhibitions
. Academic texts
. Newsletters
. Books

It's a professional service at a competitive price, with a fast turnaround.

Clients are enthusiastic about the service they receive and regularly report that their expectations are exceeded.

Client confidentiality and privacy are priorities.


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