Cullinan Communications
  Writers, editors and others

Cullinan Communications is a professional freelance writing and editing service. We are accredited editors and writers, with post-graduate qualifications and significant national and international experience.

Professional writers are skilled wordsmiths, who present information with clarity, accuracy and inspiration. They use effective Plain English to engage the target audience and convey the message with precision.

Accredited Editors have passed the rigorous exams of the Instsitute of Professional editors. They present your work in the best possible light and to the highest professional standard, ensuring:

. structural integrity i.e. appropriate flow of logic and information
. correct use of language
. clarity of expression (plain English)
. accuracy of grammar, spelling and punctuation.
. consistency of presentation and formatting.

Associated services range from project management and graphic design through to indexing and proofreading.

Our collective skills deliver seamless support to the goals and objectives of our client portfolio. These include public and private sector organisations, from large scale operations to individuals.

Our work embraces a range of needs, from mass communication through to highly technical and specialist reports.


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